IBUndelete is the only tool which can restore occasionally deleted records in InterBase or Firebird databases. This tool uses the IBSurgeon core engine to direectly access the appropriate data and data structure inside the database.

IBUndelete searches for deleted record versions and then restores them back into actual record versions. If there is no existing version information we can also analyze and extract even record versions that have been swept.

How To Undelete Records

If you have accidentally deleted records from one or more tables in your database (and also commited the transaction) you need do the following:

  1. Detach from the database and detach all other users immediately. Do NOT try to read the tables where you have deleted records. Do not use any SELECT statements via any of your development tools, nor try and access the tables via your users applications. Do not try and make a backup or use any tools like GFIX. In fact just shutdown the server.
  2. Make a file copy of the database where you have accidentally deleted the records (just make a copy of the database using normal operating system utilities).
  3. Download free version of IBUndelete and check to see if there are any records available in the database that can be undeleted.
  4. If you see a count (non zero) of records (available for undelete) you can order IBUndelete and actually undelete records directly (run the Undelete operation). Otherwise contact us directly.
  5. After the undelete operation is finished you can open the database nomally using the InterBase or Firebird server and the deleted records should be available as normal.


IBUndelete Personal
Price: $140.00 buy


A trial version of IBUndelete is available for download.