Gbak Enhancement for Gsplit

Brief Description

Allow GBAK to use standard input and output.

By allowing GBAK output to be sent to stdout and GBAK input to be taken from stdin the GBAK utility has attained a new level of flexibility. Output from GBAK may now be piped to other utilities or sent directly to a tape device. Using a new utility provided in this release, GSPLIT, a single large database backup may be split into several smaller files. These backup files may be joined together again to form a backup stream which is then restored by GBAK. Stdout and stdin will be used with the GSPLIT utility which is discussed in section 7.3. Because the two utilities are designed to be used together this section shows only a partial syntax diagram for the use of stdin and stdout.

The utility now offers a new syntax:

GBAK [-{b|t}] <file.gdb> stdout | (to GSPLIT or compress or tape)

(from GSPLIT) | GBAK [-{r|c}] stdin <file.gdb>
  1. Previously when one runs 'gbak -backup', the output must be a file. Now gbak could write the output to either a file or stdout'.
  2. Previously when one runs 'gbak -create/-replace', the input must come from a file. Now gbak accept stdin as its input.