Utility Improvements


The following option has been added to the ISQL command line.

-C(ache) n
n specifies the number of cache buffers to be used as the default for the session. n must be greater than nine.

A CONNECT statement entered in an ISQL query now accepts the argument CACHE n. Refer to the discussion of CONNECT in the Language Reference for a full description of the function.

User’s can declare a SQL ROLE when attaching to a database, either via the command line -role option or attaching a role clause to the connect statement (see section on ROLES for more information)


In "Classic" architecture, gds_relay is used to relay signals between processes that cannot directly signal each other.

Gds_relay will not be present on kits with SuperServer architecture - the SSA has no need for clients to signal each other as there is a single instance of the engine running.


gds_inet_server will NOT be present on kits using the SuperServer architecture.


gds_pipe will NOT be present on kits in the SuperServer architecture.


gfix output display has been organized (columns now line up, etc). gfix can be used to set a database’s default cache size via the following option:

gfix <database> -buffers <number of pages>


GPRE has the ability to emit BLR into constant data segments (e.g.: non-writable memory). This increases the sharability of GPRE generated programs, as well as being safer code (should a bug accidentally attempt to modify emitted BLR).

BLR strings, DPB strings, and TPB strings are emitted into structures declared as "const" if the C-compiler supports the ANSI const declaration.

Minor changes have been made to the emit of C code in order to reduce warnings on platforms using ANSI C compilers.

GPRE supports the SQL ROLE concept, both from command line use (for use during compilation) and as part of the EXEC SQL CONNECT statement.


gsec now accepts command line parameters -user and -password to set the user name and password of the user USING gsec on the remote system containing the database being modified. Eg:

gsec -database remote:/usr/interbase/isc4.gdb -user remote_name -password remote_password


gstat output has been organized into columns.

Gstat output now goes to stdout instead of stderr.


gstat depends on having read access to the files being profiled - this may require the user to have access to user INTERBASE to use gstat.

Install Utility for Unix

The installation shell script for Unix platforms, $INTERBASE/install (source component builds:install.unix) is enhanced as follows:

  1. Creates bin/ibmgr, a shell wrapper around bin/ibmgr.bin. This wrapper sets the INTERBASE environment variable before running ibmgr.bin.