Administration API (isc_service_detach) - Functional Specification


This API call is used for disconnecting a service manager connection User interface/Usability

This feature will only be available to the end user via a call into the InterBase API.

ISC_STATUS ISC_EXPORT isc_service_detach (ISC_STATUS *status_vector,
                                          isc_svc_handle *svc_handle);

value of ISC_STATUS[1]:

0 if no error
`isc_error_code` if there is an error
pointer to a 20 element array of ISC_STATUS
pointer to a long value used to store the handle of the service structure on the server. This must point to a handle previously allocated in isc_service_attach.


1.   isc_service_detach (status, &svc_handle);

Requirements and Constraints

General InterBase requirements apply.

Migration Issues

None. This feature was never implemented for public use and has not changed as far as internal use is concerned.